When you sell your website it is critical to work with an established internet business broker rather than working with a traditional business broker or attempting to sell the site yourself. Traditional brick-and-mortar business brokers do not understand internet business models, do not know how to value them properly, and do not have qualified prospective buyers to market your website to. As a result, they will likely overprice your website so that it sits on the market for six months and the buyers that do inquire about it are also looking for pizzerias and gas stations. These are not the right buyers for your website and they will waste your time!

Furthermore, unlike a website broker, this broker will rely on you to deal with these buyers as he will not be knowledgeable enough to answer their questions, many of which will be novice questions and should be in the prospectus to begin with.

One recent client came to us after having his business on the market for over one year with a traditional business broker, who was a friend of a friend. The broker brought him one prospective buyer during that time frame and he wasn’t even qualified. Some of our clients come to us after attempting to sell their websites themselves unsuccessfully. The challenge with selling your internet business yourself, is that it is very difficult to market the business optimally to the right buyers and at the same time maintain your privacy.

In addition, you may not understand the current marketplace and establish a proper website valuation and either overprice the business to sit on the market for a long time or even worse, leave money on the table.

Finally, it is not so easy to prepare a prospectus to present your website effectively, to screen buyers to determine whether or not they are qualified or to negotiate the sale properly in order to achieve the best price and terms possible. The fees that you will pay a knowledgeable website brokerage to sell your website will be more than worth it as your net proceeds will certainly be higher than if you sold it yourself and they will navigate the process from A to Z.