W3 Business Advisors has been around for 10 years and we are extremely selective, only advising on around 15-20 transactions per year. Our team of brokers all have a comprehensive background in finance and accounting that was learned from the top business schools in the country and gained by working in the investment banking area while the other brokers in this niche don’t even have college degrees in general business.

In addition, W3 has actual offices in New York and Chicago while the other brokers typically work from their homes. We have our pictures on the “our team” page of our site because we want you to know exactly who you are working with compared to the other firms who not only don’t provide pictures, but don’t even provide proper background information on their specific qualifications to advise on transactions of this type.

So, while some of the other brokers might have more listings than us, we only focus on quality businesses with EBITDAS over $150,000 and we won’t dilute our invaluable services, spread ourselves too thin or waste our time with lesser deals. All our competitors constantly have their “quality” businesses on the same page as their subpar businesses that are worth less than $100k.