While interviewing prospective online business brokers to sell your business, one of your requests should be to speak with a couple of their past clients as they can provide you with valuable insight into the broker’s process and their experience working with them.

This is certainly a valid request and if a website broker is unwilling to provide you with references, then you can be assured that they are hiding something, and you would not be working with a broker that has a history of success.

When a past client had a positive experience working with a business broker who successfully sold their business, then they are usually always happy to serve as a reference and speak to any potential new client of the broker. At W3 Business Advisors, we go above and beyond our duty and most of our clients actually offer to serve as a reference, without us even asking them to.

Anytime I have asked a client to speak to a new potential client, not one has ever said no.  I am always happy to offer many references and understand the importance of a prospective client hearing about our process directly from the most relevant source.

Therefore, if a broker or firm is unwilling to provide references of past clients then they unequivocally are not worth considering.