When you are looking to buy an internet business, there are a few different models that are out there. Most fall under the following categories: web development, ecommerce, lead generation, and web directories. Of course if you are a website programmer or developer and are familiar with the business, the transition into the ownership of a development business shouldn’t be so difficult.

But for those of us that do not have that experience, unless the programming and development side of the business was being outsourced, it would not be very prudent to purchase this type of business. Lead generation and web directories can be good businesses that usually involve content creation and management.

However, most internet business brokers will tell you that it can be challenging to find one that has stable cash flow and/or growth. The most common types of websites for sale are ecommerce businesses. There are many different and unique ecommerce businesses out there which vary in many different operational aspects, such as the necessary owner time requirement, drop ship vs. stock, and pay per click (PPC) vs. organic search engine optimization (SEO), just to name a few.

Obviously as a buyer, you must choose a business that you can commit the time necessary to run it successfully. Drop ship is usually a better model for an ecommerce business, but while stocking items would require more working capital for inventory, it may make up for it with greater profit margins. Finally, an attractive ecommerce website should have a healthy combination of PPC and SEO. A good internet business broker can help you determine whether a particular internet business is the right fit for you.