Through the years we have noticed that some website business brokers have resorted to putting automated website valuation calculators on their sites. We can honestly state that this is a gimmick intended to rope potential sellers in as clients. It is unquestionably impossible for an automated calculator to provide you with a feasible and accurate valuation of your website.

Sure, it can take into account the age of the website, the revenue and cash flow and even the growth and profit margins. However, it is impossible for this online tool to consider your website’s other significant intangible properties which can add considerate value.

For instance, your product, service and customer segment are material variables which strongly affect the viability of your online business. Additionally, the recurring revenue, repeat business rate, customer retention and acquisition costs are also influential elements which will strongly influence your website’s value.

Furthermore, the intellectual property and owners’ involvement, whether active or passive, are just a few more components and characteristics of the business which cannot be measured without human input and which will certainly impact an evaluation. These are just a handful of essential aspects which are impossible for even a very well programmed calculator to properly accommodate for when valuing a website.

Therefore, it is implausible at best for your business to be accurately evaluated without an expert website business broker’s input and knowledge.  W3 Business Advisor’s experienced business brokers are formally educated, have owned and operated internet businesses and understand each and every nuance of your online business. Therefore, we have the ability to represent your business in the professional and ideal manner in which it deserves.