Virtual Staffing Agency – 100% Recurring Revenues, 64% Net Profit Margins

Asking Price:$300,000
Yearly Revenue:$242,372 (2019E)
Yearly Income:$134,346 (2019E)


This unique online staffing business outsources marketing teams primarily for digital marketing agencies.  The company has a global network of talented and passionate professionals available to perform in-demand services for agencies, such as lead scraping, social media management, cold calling, marketing funnel fulfillment, and more.

Founded in 2018, this business has quickly established a noticeable presence within the industry and continues to thrive with 25% net profit growth during the 1st quarter of 2019 vs. the 3rd quarter of 2018.  With 100% of the revenues coming from recurring residual subscription fees, the business has established an immensely valuable customer base of over 40 active customers.  In addition, their attractive business model was structured to retain customers for as long as possible while providing them with viable solutions to their virtual staffing needs, saving them hundreds of hours to focus key aspects such as sales and growth.  Their clients are extremely satisfied with the services, costs and solutions they receive, and the company has become a strategic part of how its customers operate, providing them with affordable and flexible fully-trained and integrated passionate teams to help both startups and growing businesses.

Unlike most businesses that are forced to deal with the costly hassles of storing and selling tangible products, this business essentially runs on auto-pilot and only requires 5-10 hours per week of the owner’s time to operate.  The business maintains an extremely low working capital structure with minimal expenses, which is clearly illustrated by its 64% net profit margins. Additionally, the business model opens the door to offer additional complementary services and expand to different B2B niches, such as real estate investors and agents, mortgage brokers, and more.  Thus far, the owner has limited his focus to digital agencies and has done very little advertising, but there are numerous immediate growth opportunities that give this business unlimited potential moving forward.  Ultimately, this turn-key business can be operated from anywhere in the world and the recurring revenue structure of its attractive business model makes this an exceptional acquisition opportunity for a new owner to capitalize on the tremendous upside.