Tool Review Content Site – Over 1.56MM Pageviews

Asking Price:$475,000
Yearly Revenue:$148,388
Yearly Income:$112,952


This unique internet-based business is a passive content site that derives 100% of its revenue as an Amazon affiliate via advertising displayed throughout the website. The website provides users with pertinent information on chainsaws and other related content. The “heavy lifting” has already been done as with no marketing whatsoever, the website continues to carry a considerable amount of weight as it relates to organic traffic rankings which has clearly been illustrated with the site seeing receiving 1.56MM pageviews per year. The seller has established nearly 5,000 clean backlinks (not one purchased), does not have a single PBN, both of which have enabled the site to receive a substantial amount of organic traffic and subsequent revenue. The seller started the website in 2014 writing about and reviewing chainsaws and has since branched out into other home and garden tools such as generators, saws, splitters, and more.

Unlike many internet businesses that are subject to the overhead costs associated with selling tangible products, this business maintains an extremely low working capital structure with net profit margins of 80%. As a result, the seller operates this company as a home-based business, combining the benefits of offering an intangible service with the profit margins and mobility of an internet-based platform that can be operated from any computer in the world. In addition, this business essentially runs on autopilot with the owner ONLY spending about 10 hours per week to maintain daily operations. Ultimately, this high-quality acquisition opportunity is the true definition of an internet-based business with hardly any fixed overhead expenses and offers an attractive overall return on investment, especially considering how little time is actually required to operate this business.