As an internet business broker, one of the most frequent questions that I’m asked by sellers and prospective sellers is, “How long will it take for my website to be sold?” Of course the timeframe varies on a case to case basis, but it usually takes between sixty to ninety days between listing a website business and closing the transaction. Obviously the attractiveness of the website and the viability of the business model are extremely important, but with all things being equal, there are many other variables that affect the time frame.

For instance, a seller who is very organized, has immaculate books and makes himself readily available during the process will see his internet business sold significantly faster than one who does not. Additionally, when the seller is reasonable in regards to the valuation and flexible on the deal structure, a deal will get consummated quicker. We recently sold a website business less than one month after listing it as the valuation was reasonable and the owner was flexible and was prepared with the necessary due diligence paperwork.

Many seasoned internet business brokers will advise you to prepare your due diligence package at the time of listing as when a buyer submits a reasonable and acceptable offer, having a user-friendly due diligence package immediately available will not only instill confidence in the buyer, but it will likely expedite a closing soon after. In fact, in our years of experience, when the seller acts on our advice on the due diligence package, each and every one of those deals went to the closing table.

It is very important to employ a good ecommerce business broker to sell you website as he will advise you on each phase of the transaction, screen and qualify prospective buyers, negotiate on your behalf and perform many other services that will save you time, money and frustration. Additionally, you can still focus on and run your business efficiently while he is selling it for you.