When it is finally time to sell your online business, your internet business broker is crucial in the preparation of the key materials necessary to effectively market your company. Here at W3 Business Advisors, there are two critical documents that we prepare prior to the listing of your website business.

The first one is an executive summary of your business, also known as the “teaser” or teaser ad. The teaser discreetly summarizes the high-level highlights of the business along with the financial and operational performance, industry, competitive advantages, and other significant aspects which may distinguish and differentiate your business. What the teaser does NOT disclose is the name of your website, business, or any other identifying information and when we draft it, not even a seasoned CIA code breaker would be able to determine such. Many website brokers under emphasize the significance of a professionally done teaser ad, but we understand that many buyers, including private equity firms, strategic corporate buyers and deep-pocketed entrepreneurs might review dozens of ads at a time, so it is vitally important to make a strong first impression as one never gets a second chance to make a first impression.

The second document that a professional internet broker will prepare is a more comprehensive prospectus, otherwise known as a confidential information memorandum (CIM) or “deck”. This is for the prospective buyers who express their initial interest in learning more about the website business. Most of our competitors only prepare a short PowerPoint presentation or a few page PDF of the business. However, we draft an extremely detailed report, usually 10-12 pages long, which illustrates all aspects of the business and contains detailed financial statements and relevant statistics and highlights. It is extremely important to have a professional and transparent prospectus prepared as it will enable buyers to evaluate the business and decide whether they want to move on in the process to a higher-level phase. If a website owner does not work with a professional internet broker such as W3 Business Advisors then his or her online business will not appeal to the right buyers as it may cause many potential desirable buyers to seriously consider their business.

As a potential seller, it can be prudent to ask a business broker for a recent prospectus or two so you can evaluate and compare the quality of their presentation prior to choosing to list with them.