This long established eCommerce business has become one of the leading online retailers for pet products, such as patented fences, enclosures and more.  Founded in 2006, this long established and very profitable niche offers superb products and customer service which set it apart from the competition. Since the company’s inception over a decade ago, they have processed over 20,000 orders and the product has received national televised attention which has resulted in a prestigious reputation, excellent relationships with suppliers and an extremely happy & loyal customer following.  This eCommerce retailer has maintained 70% gross profit margins and 40% net profit margins over the past year as the products sold offer exceptional flexibility for overall price markup.  However, even despite the success over eleven years operating the business, there are several immediate growth opportunities which the owner, whose time is stretched too thin with his other ventures, has not taken advantage of.

With a proven track record that spans over eleven years, this business is one of the oldest online retailers within this niche and is the definition of a high-quality internet based business.  Despite the owner’s minimal involvement, over the past year, the company has generated sales of $857,000 and net profits of $343,000, both of which underscore the website’s ability to execute consistently over the long-term. While the seller has certainly enjoyed the reliable cash flow produced by this business, he has other available opportunities and after operating this business for more than eleven years, he is ready to sell this asset and move on.  As a result, this eCommerce business is a high quality acquisition opportunity that offers an outstanding overall return on investment as the business has been priced to sell and represents an incredible value for a business with such a long and profitable history!