Working with a web site broker is the ideal move when trying to sell web business, or multiple web businesses at the same time. If you own numerous web businesses, the question is should you bundle them together as a package or sell site individually.

The answer ultimately depends on what type of internet businesses they are, advertising based, online retailers, member based sites, lead generation business, etc.

If the websites are somewhat related and could be construed as competing against each other (indirectly or directly), then in most cases it makes more sense to present the sites as one package. Generally this will not affect the business valuation if you decided to sell them separately or as a package deal.

Website packages often look more attractive than selling an individual site because the revenues are not 100% reliant on only one website / brand name. In addition, most buyers will require the seller to execute a non-compete agreement that would have bearing on attempting to sell a similar, competing site.

However, if the sites are completely unrelated then the best move would be to sell the sites individually because chances are it will be difficult to find a buyer who has interest in both respective industries.

For example, someone buying an online business that sells motorcycles probably won’t have the same passion and desire to buy an online retailer that sells flowers. However, for most internet entrepreneurs who have several online businesses, it is not uncommon that they operate 2 competing businesses because of the success they have had running the one that was started first.

The website “fleet” of businesses bundled into a package can range from 2 sites to a collection of dozens of sites (more commonly seen in advertising based revenue websites).

Either way, it is best to evaluate each opportunity on a case by case basis to ensure it is the right fit and that you are comfortable managing several different sites and everything that entails.