With most things in life, timing can be everything, especially when selling website business. Working with the right internet brokers is essential to achieving your goals for the transaction and more importantly, staying in line with the expected timeframe. Deciding to list at the wrong time can drastically affect the final sale price and the overall listing strategy your broker implements to get the deal done.

For example, we generally see a large increase of sellers looking to divest their internet based companies in November and December, but holding off until the New Year can often make for a smoother sale process than introducing the business to the market prematurely. After a certain point crosses in November, the chances of closing before the end of the year become increasingly unlikely because most buyers hold off on their investigations until the holiday season has passed.

While I like the holidays seasons as much as the next guy, we generally see a drop off in interest from buyers and sellers around December which can often result in a slowdown for 30-45 days. While most sellers are anxious to get their business on the market now that they have made the decision to sell (in regards to owners looking to sell towards the end of the year), at a certain point we often advise new clients to hold off until January 1st to ensure we introduce the business to the market at the right time.

In addition, internet entrepreneurs who have numerous internet based companies often ask us about when to list the businesses, if they should be listed separately or bundled, etc. Selling websites bundled as a portfolio can be an attractive package and can make the process work go more smoothly versus trying to sell numerous websites at once. Of course if the websites are completely unrelated, it might make more sense to list each business individually, but it ultimately depends on the owner and what he/she is looking to achieve out of the transaction(s).