Amazon is playing an increasingly important role for many internet businesses as it has become the first-stop shopping site for many ecommerce consumers.

While operating an Amazon business can be a very easy process, selling one is certainly not as easy.

When you sell your website that has an component to it, it can be complex and it is therefore important to work with a broker with knowledge in this particular space.

An Amazon-based deal does require the knowledge of a professional who has been there and done that.

Whether it is the sole marketplace of the business or just one of the sales channels, Amazon may play an important role in a website business and an owner’s Amazon Seller Account may be one of the most significant assets of a website sale.

A seller’s ratings, reviews, and payment schedule all make the seller account very valuable and a must to transfer in the transaction.

A buyer does not want to set up a brand new Amazon Seller account as he or she will lose all the ratings and reviews that you have worked so hard to build.

Therefore, the transfer of the seller account needs to be handled in as smooth and stress-free of a manner as possible.

We have sold numerous internet businesses with major Amazon presences and understand the nuances that are involved with transferring the seller account at closing.

While it is not as simple as changing the account information of email accounts, shipping platforms, and domains, and it can be tricky, there is a way to handle the transfer and using a seasoned internet business broker is a must.

Having managed this process many times before, we understand how this works and can easily navigate the process of transferring the seller account.