This business is a long established, niche ecommerce business that specializes in uncommon and exclusive preserved and dried decorative plants.  Founded in 2004, this profitable niche multi-channel retailer

offers natural dried decorative plants and products for customers’ homes, offices and events. Unlike many other ecommerce businesses on the market that rely almost exclusively on Amazon FBA, this business has diversified their sales channels, and as a result, 81% of their revenue comes from the websites, 11% from Etsy, 4% from Amazon and 4% from The business does not require much owner involvement as the seller only works 10 hours/week, mostly from his home office.

Since its inception 17 years ago, the business has produced reliable revenue and consistent cash flow. This company continues to perform well within this niche and its strong supplier relationships have allowed for 45% gross profit margins and 20% net profit margins over the past year. Despite the owner’s success over nearly two decades operating the business, there remains several immediate growth opportunities which the owner has not had the bandwidth to take advantage of. There is a large demand for its products and many avenues that have not been explored which would increase overall sales.  Furthermore, the foundation of the company is solid and stable, with a turnkey staff, standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and smoothly run operations, which will enable a smooth transition to a new owner.