Niche Ecommerce Pet Products Retailer – 34% Net Profit Margins, 27% YOY Growth

Asking Price:$2,000,000
Yearly Revenue:$2,747,573
Yearly Income:$595,145

This attractive ecommerce retailer is a six year-old, established internet-based Amazon FBA business that manufactures and distributes quality equine pet products and more. This unique company offers a wide selection of products, ensuring their customers find everything they need.  The business generates nearly $3MM in sales, despite the absence of an ecommerce website as the majority of products are sold on Amazon (98%) with the remaining sold on eBay. Business is absolutely booming with both sales and profits growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 27% during the past four years. Furthermore, with gross profit margins of 52% and net profit margins of 34%, this niche ecommerce business is extremely efficient and profitable.

Founded in mid-2014, this business manufactures products sold under their own brands (80% of sales) and has established itself as one of the leading online retailers that offers quality horse products at reasonable prices.  This business has seen consistent top and bottom line YOY growth over the past few years and continues to thrive as a recession-proof business. Without a website, the company has established a strong presence in an attractive niche industry, which is clearly illustrated by the company’s robust sales and extraordinary profit margins. However, even with a proven six year track record, strong profit margins and a net profit just shy of $600,000, there are still numerous immediate growth opportunities that give this business substantial potential moving forward.

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