If you have been searching for someone to sell your business, I strongly recommend you hire W3 Business Advisors & Lenny Farber. Lenny has two qualities that are rare:  his remarkably calm and soothing presence when dealing with sensitive issues and his trustworthiness.   It may seem like hyperbole, but I feel I was so fortunate to have found Lenny, I sincerely hope I can convince the reader of this recommendation that they could not possibly do better.

I truly felt I had Lenny’s professional and emotional support through the entire process of selling my business.  Though the sale was not one of the higher-value transactions he’s handled, he was on top of every detail from day one and was there for me at a moment’s notice throughout the entire deal – returning emails and phone messages immediately to answer any concerns I had and keep things moving along.

From beginning to end of the sale, Lenny’s intention was to create a deal that worked for everyone involved.  He held that vision in his mind as he deftly and gently navigated the inevitable ups and downs of a complicated negotiation – stepping in when the timing was right and stepping back when space was needed.  The skill with which he handled every challenge was impressive to watch.

But Lenny is not only expertly skilled at what he does, he does it with class and integrity.  You just could not ask for more.  Choosing Lenny to represent my business was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Mark Davis


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