This unique internet business consists of two informative websites which generate their revenue by referring customers to popular hosting companies. Founded in 2012, this turnkey business provides a truly hands-off diversified investment. The business model of the company is very simple: The websites review web hosting companies and provide links and competitive specials to each. When its visitors sign up with any of those hosting companies, the company earns affiliate revenue from them. The heavy lifting was done several years ago when the owner established the content and the affiliate relationships with the hosting companies, but now the company earns consistent affiliate revenue each month despite the fact that the owner does not do anything.

This seven year-old business allows for extremely high profit margins with minimal fixed expenses. Unlike most businesses that are forced to deal with the costly hassles of storing and selling tangible products, this business completely runs on auto-pilot, does NOT require any time at all to operate and does not require any physical office space either as the business is run from the owner’s home. Additionally, due to the nature of the business model and the fact that the business has very little expenses, the average net profit margin over the past 12 months has been over 99%. Ultimately, this turn-key business can be operated from anywhere in the world and the “auto-pilot” structure of their attractive business model makes this a high quality acquisition opportunity with plenty of upside for overall ROI.