Ecommerce Designer Hardware Retailer – 13yr History, 28% YOY Growth, 35% Net Profits

Asking Price:$2,600,000
Yearly Revenue:$2,256,801
Yearly Income:$775,589


This long established ecommerce business has become one of the leading online retailers that specialize in selling high-end designer hardware.  Founded in 2005, this business has earned itself a prime position within its specific niche and continues to thrive with average annual sales and earnings growth of 24% & 28%, respectively, over the past few years.  Their sales and earnings have never been stronger and year over year, consistent growth has been demonstrated.  Their mission is very simple – it is to provide the highest quality hardware to their customers at affordable prices, guaranteed.  Since the company’s inception, it has processed well over 15,000 orders and its success is the result of hard work, unsurpassed customer service and a pristine reputation.  Businesses is booming and with average gross profit margins of 46%, net profit margins of 35% along with a net profit north of $775,000, this online retailer is extremely efficient and very profitable.

With nearly thirteen years in business, this company is one of the oldest online retailers within this specific niche and has a proven track record of consistent cash flow and growth that spans over that period.  Additionally, the company’s attractive business model allows for a low working capital structure with minimal fixed overhead expenses as the owners maintain very little inventory and place nearly all vendor orders as their customers order the products.  This “just-in-time” inventory model eliminates the necessity to purchase and sit on inventory, as most ecommerce retailers do, but instead increases the profitability and ROI of the business.  Even with a proven, long-term track record of consistent growth and cash flow, there are still several immediate growth opportunities that give this business substantial potential moving forward.  Ultimately, this turnkey business can be relocated anywhere in the US and is a high-quality acquisition opportunity that offers plenty of potential growth and upside for overall return on investment.