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Virtual Staffing Agency – 100% Recurring Revenues, 64% Net Profit Margins

Asking Price:$300,000
Yearly Revenue:$242,372 (2019E)
Yearly Income:$134,346 (2019E)

This unique online staffing business outsources marketing teams primarily for digital marketing agencies.  The company has a global network of talented and passionate professionals available to perform in-demand services for agencies, such as lead scraping, social media management, cold calling, marketing funnel fulfillment, and more. Founded in 2018, this business has quickly established a noticeable presence […]

Ecommerce Wedding Products Business – 5yr Track Record, 18% Net Margins

Asking Price:$500,000
Yearly Revenue:$897,532
Yearly Income:$159,273

This unique ecommerce business has carved a niche market in the wedding industry, creating unique and rustic wedding products. Founded in 2014, this profitable multi-channel retailer offers white birch wedding arches, chuppahs, poles, logs and branches. The company’s business model has been instrumental in allowing for an attractive working capital structure that requires minimal fixed […]

Niche Digital Marketing/Web Development Firm – 84% Recurring Revenue, 24% Net Margins & 12% YOY Growth

Asking Price:$875,000
Yearly Revenue:$1,109,118
Yearly Income:$262,967

This unique, 33 year old business specializes in providing digital marketing solutions, custom website development, hosting services, and more.  Founded in 1986, this full-service, Google certified digital marketing company provides valuable development and marketing services for businesses of all sizes in multiple verticals. Unlike many marketing and web development firms that rely on one-time development […]

Fast-Growing & Very Profitable Online Travel Business – 7 yr History, 17% Net Profits

Asking Price:$ -
Yearly Revenue:$7,984,697
Yearly Income:$1,377,888

This online travel business targets the high-growth and under-penetrated Latin American internet market. The company is headquartered in Miami, FL, with offices in Colombia. The LATAM website offers more than 120,000 hotels worldwide and also offers services with the largest car rental companies in the United States (Hertz, Alamo, Avis, Budget, National, Dollar, & Thrifty). […]

Hosting Affiliate Sites – 99% Net Profit, Runs on Autopilot

Asking Price:$200,000
Yearly Revenue:$77,160
Yearly Income:$77,040


This unique internet business consists of two informative websites which generate their revenue by referring customers to popular hosting companies. Founded in 2012, this turnkey business provides a truly hands-off diversified investment. The business model of the company is very simple: The websites review web hosting companies and provide links and competitive specials to each. […]

Ecommerce Designer Hardware Retailer – 13yr History, 28% YOY Growth, 35% Net Profits

Asking Price:$2,600,000
Yearly Revenue:$2,256,801
Yearly Income:$775,589


This long established ecommerce business has become one of the leading online retailers that specialize in selling high-end designer hardware.  Founded in 2005, this business has earned itself a prime position within its specific niche and continues to thrive with average annual sales and earnings growth of 24% & 28%, respectively, over the past few years.  Their […]

Online Web Directory – Runs on Autopilot, Over 6.3MM Pageviews

Asking Price:$700,000
Yearly Revenue:$201,326
Yearly Income:$200,846


This unique internet based business is an online information portal/web directory that derives 100% of its revenue from displaying Google AdSense advertising and has maintained net profit margins well above 99% since inception. The “heavy lifting” has already been done as with no marketing whatsoever, the website continues to carry a considerable amount of weight […]

Ecommerce Pet Products Retailer – 11yr History, 40% Net Profit

Asking Price:$1,000,000
Yearly Revenue:$857,127
Yearly Income:$343,526


This long established eCommerce business has become one of the leading online retailers for pet products, such as patented fences, enclosures and more.  Founded in 2006, this long established and very profitable niche offers superb products and customer service which set it apart from the competition. Since the company’s inception over a decade ago, they […]

Internet-based Solar Lighting Manufacturer – 50% Net Profit Margin, YOY Growth

Asking Price:$625,000
Yearly Revenue:$437,559
Yearly Income:$225,546


This unique internet-based manufacturing business specializes in solar lighting products.  Working with its 3rd party manufacturers, the company designs and produces products under its own private label brand, which it then sells to its wholesale customers, including retail powerhouses such as Home Depot and Lamps Plus. Since the company’s inception seven years ago, the company […]

10 Yr. Old eCommerce Eyewear Retailer – 17% Net Profit Margins

Asking Price:$350,000
Yearly Revenue:$671,584
Yearly Income:$104,126


Founded in 2007, this long established and very profitable niche retailer is a one-stop shop for consumers’ eyeglasses & sunglasses.  The company’s business model has been instrumental in allowing for an attractive working capital structure that requires minimal fixed overhead expenses.  While the seller does stock some best sellers, the majority of inventory is mostly […]

Ecommerce Vacuum Retailer – 20yr History, 15% Net Profit

Asking Price:$1,200,000
Yearly Revenue:$2,838,498
Yearly Income:$431,185


This long established ecommerce retailer offers a wide selection of high-end vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, humidifiers and more.  Founded in 1995, this long established and very profitable niche retailer is a one-stop shop for consumers’ vacuum needs. Since the company’s inception over two decades ago, they have processed over 150,000 orders and their “A+” rating […]

eCommerce Pet Products Retailer – 47% Net Profit Margins, YOY Growth

Asking Price:$4,500,000
Yearly Revenue:$2,662,166
Yearly Income:$-------
Listed By:W3BA


This attractive eCommerce retailer specializes in selling pet products, such as toys, supplies, treats, supplements and more. Founded in 2009, this internet-based business has grown from offering just one dog toy to carrying over 500 products on 5 different sales channels, which clearly illustrates the company’s consistent YOY growth and revenue diversification. With average gross […]

Ecommerce Doll Accessories Retailer a 28% Net Profit Margins, YOY Growth

Asking Price:$1,100,000
Yearly Revenue:$1,427,939
Yearly Income:$-------
Listed By:W3BA


This attractive ecommerce retailer specializes in selling 18 inch doll clothes, accessories and furniture, most of which are for the iconic American Girl Doll. Founded in 2006, this internet-based business has generated consistent cash flow and has demonstrated impressive top and bottom line growth since inception. With average gross profit margins of 44% and net […]