Selling a business is a big deal and so is picking the right broker.  There are choices out there, but your best choice is Lenny Farber and here is why.  He has sold two of our business, he sold our first business 6 years ago (2014) and then he sold our second business this year (2020).  He is first rate, top notch.  If you are looking for a broker who will tell you the truth, give you an accurate valuation, one who is competent, knowledgeable, and has the ability to problem solve and think outside the box with a rolodex of qualified buyers, then Lenny Farber is for you.  Need I say more?  A+++

This is the 3rd time I’ve used W3 (2 purchases / 1 sale) and couldn’t be happier. Lenny really knows how to value and market businesses, his negotiating skills are superb and he gets the deal done. Lenny is always very responsive and happy to explain or walk you through any part of the deal.  Thanks Lenny for another smooth transaction.

I worked with Lenny Farber with W3 Business Advisors to sell my cat fence business.  Being that is was a very niche, web-based business it was important I work with a broker that had the the proper connections into the online business environment and after contracting with Lenny, it was evident that he did.  Within a period of a month or so I had three legitimate offers, one of which was all cash and eventually turned out to be the buyer.  Lenny was great to work with – very personable and professional and he was a real asset when it came to dealing with some challenges that developed with my business partner, as he helped smooth things over and keep the deal in play.  I would highly recommend Lenny to anyone looking to sell an internet business.

Al Benner – President, Purrfect Fence

Lenny did an amazing job selling my AdSense site in 10 days. He brought me multiple offers and helped me get both offers up . I got top dollar for my site; more than I ever thought I would get. He is the only online business broker I’ll deal with . He’s the best!

If you have been searching for someone to sell your business, I strongly recommend you hire W3 Business Advisors & Lenny Farber. Lenny has two qualities that are rare:  his remarkably calm and soothing presence when dealing with sensitive issues and his trustworthiness.   It may seem like hyperbole, but I feel I was so fortunate to have found Lenny, I sincerely hope I can convince the reader of this recommendation that they could not possibly do better.

I truly felt I had Lenny’s professional and emotional support through the entire process of selling my business.  Though the sale was not one of the higher-value transactions he’s handled, he was on top of every detail from day one and was there for me at a moment’s notice throughout the entire deal – returning emails and phone messages immediately to answer any concerns I had and keep things moving along.

From beginning to end of the sale, Lenny’s intention was to create a deal that worked for everyone involved.  He held that vision in his mind as he deftly and gently navigated the inevitable ups and downs of a complicated negotiation – stepping in when the timing was right and stepping back when space was needed.  The skill with which he handled every challenge was impressive to watch.

But Lenny is not only expertly skilled at what he does, he does it with class and integrity.  You just could not ask for more.  Choosing Lenny to represent my business was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Mark Davis


CityHome Vacuum

Lenny Farber efficiently managed the sale of our internet business from day one. He advised us, interviewed us for details, wrote a winning prospectus, managed incoming questions, and lined up a full-price offer in just a matter of days. We’ll definitely work with W3 again.

Hi Lenny,

Thank you for helping to make all of this happen! There are those guys who have the misfortune in my mind of being hatchet men and those that help make dreams come true, which sounds kind of corny, but I’m glad you’re the latter! Thank you for all of of your help with this. I am so very grateful. And relieved. And excited. And a thousand other words!

We were extremely pleased with W3 Business Advisors in selling our online business. Our representative Lenny Farber helped us throughout the whole process, which was much less complicated than we had thought. He said to give him 60 days to sell our business and he surpassed his own goal. Within 10 business days we had four solid offers and three at the asking price. WOW! is an appropriate term. He was very knowledgeable about online business sales. He made it an easy process and we will definitely use Mr. Farber again in our next business venture should we decide to sell it.

“So you are thinking about selling your online business. Where do you start? Well, being an online business I searched the internet for brokers. I came across several very professional sites. Since this was a big deal for me, I contacted all of them and interviewed each company.

My experience was this:

1. One company wanted me to put $10,000 down and it was non-refundable whether he sold the business or not.

2. Another company told me that he could sell the business for as high a valuation as I thought the company was worth.

3. Another company told me that no matter who I sold the company to it would be on a full note.

4. Another company told me that my valuation was way too high.

5. Another company told me that they would put together an entire plan (no charge). They would source companies ahead of time and have them lined up prior to signing any contacts with them. I inquired about who they would be contacting, what type of buyer, investors, entrepreneurs, etc. They told me that they thought the best place to start was to contact my competitors first and go from there.

Clearly, when I got of the phone after speaking with each broker, I had red flags.

Then, Lenny Farber called me. He was the full package. He was everything that I imagined and more! He listened and he understood my business. He did not sugar coat anything. Instinctively I knew that this guy could sell my business and he would do it with honesty and integrity. He knew what it was going to take to sell my unique business. He wasn’t the broker with the lowest commission and he wasn’t the broker with the highest commission, he was the broker who listened. When I say he listened, I do not mean that I bossed him around and he did what I told him to do. It means that he understood my business. Since I had never sold an online business before I had questions about his process and how he would find a buyer for my business, etc. I had plenty of questions and he answered all of them, his plan made perfect sense to me. I decided to work with Lenny.

Immediately my expectations were met. He sent me the prospectus about my business and I didn’t even have any edits. Wow, he heard everything I told him about my unique business, everything! From that day on, we were off and running. Not only did he make me happy, but the buyers who eventually purchased my business also sang his praises to me. Although he worked for me, he still worked with the buyers.

No matter what came up, Lenny was there and handled everything. I remember texting him on a Friday night about 9:30 pm and he called me 1 minute later…I could go on and on. The business was put up for sale and sold 4 months later. If it wasn’t for Lenny, I seriously do not know where I would be right now. If you think that selling your house is a big deal, multiply that by 10. If you do not have Lenny by your side for this, all I can say is good luck because you are going to need it. I am a real person and would be more than happy to talk to anyone considering working with Lenny Farber. I am beyond a satisfied customer.”

“As a first time business seller I was overwhelmed at the process of finding a buyer and making it from start to finish through the business sale. Working with Lenny made the entire experience manageable with my busy schedule, and brought me some comfort in a new environment.”