What many business owners don’t initially realize when they sell an internet business, is that the owner will typically have to include around 30 days of training for the buyer to get acclimated with running the business on their own.

Some think it is easy to sell a site, but the process can become lengthy and confusing for someone who does not have any experience with the process. In the beginning, internet business owners can find themselves talking with many different buyers about trying to sell online company, but most sellers care just as much about the compatibility of the buyer as they do about the right deal structure.

Sure things can get tense when negotiating certain aspects of the purchase agreement and deal structure which is why it is best to work with a business broker who can work with the buyer to negotiate on your behalf. For example, if a buyer and seller are in disagreement over a certain aspect of the deal, working out the issues can put a real strain on the future working relationship that will develop after the deal materializes.

If you have made the smart move to work with a business broker, it is the broker’s job to understand your concerns and explain to the buyer why those issues are important and essential to completing the transaction. In the beginning, most buyers want almost everything to go through the business broker (which is the right way to do things), but as we get past the due diligence phase and focus on finalizing the purchase agreement, most buyers ultimately feel comfortable working out the minor issues with the buyer directly.

In our opinion, it is important that the buyer and seller begin to work out minor issues directly (only at a certain stage of the sale process and at the advice of your broker) because it can send the wrong signal if every little detail has to be relayed from the buyer to the broker to the seller, going back and forth when the simple issues can be agreed upon directly between buyer and seller.