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Valuing The Business

Website Valuation Calculators?

Through the years we have noticed that some website business brokers have resorted to putting automated website valuation calculators on their sites. We can honestly state that this is a gimmick intended to rope potential sellers in as clients.…

Adjustments and add backs to an online business’ cash flow

No matter how you describe the cash flow of a business, SDE, SDCF, or EBITDA; one thing usually remains the same, there’s add backs and explanations to accompany them which are included in those numbers. Here is how we start our conversations…

Valuing a Website is Not a Simple Process

While most Website brokers rely heavily on earnings multiples when valuing a website, there are other variables that may either increase or decrease the value of a site. An owner that is looking to sell internet business will rightfully point…

External Factors Affecting Website Valuations

There are of course many variables inherent to your own website which will have a notable affect on the valuation of your internet business. For instance, the cash flow, operating history, growth, transferability, and organic traffic are…

Valuation Methods Used to Analyze an Internet Business

When analyzing an internet business, or any business for that matter, there are generally two common valuation methods used. The first method known as discounted cash flow or simply "DCF". Basically, DCF tries to estimate what the present…

Why It Can Be Difficult Valuing Intangible Assets, Goodwill, etc.

Many buyers who do not have experience with domain appraisals often do not understand the numerous variables that are considered when determining an online company's value. While most buyers primarily base their decision on the company's…