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Is SBA Financing Making a Comeback?

During the go-go days before the 2008 Financial Crisis, money was loose and it was easy to obtain third party financing for website transactions. During that same time frame, website valuations were significantly higher as buyers were able to…

Common Types of Owner Financing

As we have stated in some of our recent posts, in today's day and age, obtaining bank financing for the purchase of an internet business is nearly impossible. With that being said, without an all cash buyer, a seller must offer at least some…

Small Business Financing for Qualified Buyers in Today’s Economy

With the current climate of the economy, most of the different credit markets are frozen in regards to active lending, especially for small businesses. As an internet business broker, I am often asked about SBA financing and what types of…

Owner Financing in Today’s Lending Environment

As most are aware, trying to get a loan with the current climate of the economy can be extremely difficult at best. Sure if you aren't trying to get financing this probably doesn't affect you, but if you are trying to sell your ecommerce business,…