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Why W3 Business Advisors are Better than our Competitors

W3 Business Advisors has been around for 10 years and we are extremely selective, only advising on around 15-20 transactions per year. Our team of brokers all have a comprehensive background in finance and accounting that was learned from the…

When Interviewing Brokers, It’s OK to Ask For References

While interviewing prospective online business brokers to sell your business, one of your requests should be to speak with a couple of their past clients as they can provide you with valuable insight into the broker’s process and their experience…

How Internet Business Brokers Add Value for Sellers

Some online business owners who are looking to sell may be reluctant to pay an internet business broker to sell their business but if you ask any seller that sold their business with the assistance of a broker such as W3 Business Advisors, they…

Personalized Services – Quality over Quantity

Unlike other traditional website brokerages, W3 Business Advisors is a boutique online M&A advisory firm that focuses on quality of the businesses we represent rather than the quantity of those we list. Most of our competitors will promise…

Why You NEED a Website Brokerage

When you sell your website it is critical to work with an established internet business broker rather than working with a traditional business broker or attempting to sell the site yourself. Traditional brick-and-mortar business brokers do not…

Working with an Internet Business Broker vs. Traditional Business Broker

If you are a business owner and you have decided now is the time to sell, deciding to working with a business broker will be the best move to make for most. The real key to success is finding the right broker to work with and if you are trying…

Why Business Brokers Require Exclusive Listing Agreements

Anyone who has experience in trying to sell ecommerce business knows that the process can become quite costly which is why most business brokers require an exclusive listing agreement. As a website brokerage, we require all of our clients…