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Many people who do not have experience with internet-based companies often experience confusion with the process, both on the buying and selling side of the transaction. At W3 Business Advisors, our business brokers have the industry specific insight needed to guide you every step of the way whether you are buying or selling an internet-based company. Deciding to work with an internet business broker can save you thousands of dollars in the long run and help you avoid the “red flags” and most common mistakes that will inevitably be made without the proper guidance and representation. Below you will find several articles that discuss some of the most common questions about buying/selling an internet-based company.

Selling an Amazon-based Internet Business

Amazon is playing an increasingly important role for many internet businesses as it has become the first-stop shopping site for many ecommerce consumers. While operating an Amazon business can be a very easy process, selling one is certainly not as easy. When you sell your website that has an component to it, it can be […]

Is SBA Financing Making a Comeback?

During the go-go days before the 2008 Financial Crisis, money was loose and it was easy to obtain third party financing for website transactions. During that same time frame, website valuations were significantly higher as buyers were able to put down 20% cash at close and as a result, even if they paid a higher […]

Selling Your Website When Sales Are Declining

While it is ideal to sell your website when sales are increasing, circumstances may dictate otherwise and you may be forced to sell when the financial performance is deteriorating. Many prospective clients approach us to sell a website when their sales have dropped off a cliff and our advice is simple and straightforward: Either reverse […]

Why You NEED a Website Brokerage

When you sell your website it is critical to work with an established internet business broker rather than working with a traditional business broker or attempting to sell the site yourself. Traditional brick-and-mortar business brokers do not understand internet business models, do not know how to value them properly, and do not have qualified prospective […]

Preparing for the Sale of Your Website

After making the tough decision to sell your website, it is optimal to prepare the business for the sale, so you can maximize the selling price. While we always advise our clients to have their financials ready for due diligence and update the aesthetics of their sites if necessary, in this article we are mainly […]

Valuing a Website is Not a Simple Process

While most Website brokers rely heavily on earnings multiples when valuing a website, there are other variables that may either increase or decrease the value of a site. An owner that is looking to sell internet business will rightfully point out that his traffic and google page rankings are high and should have a positive […]

What to consider when buying an Internet Business

When you are looking to buy an internet business, there are a few different models that are out there. Most fall under the following categories: web development, ecommerce, lead generation, and web directories. Of course if you are a website programmer or developer and are familiar with the business, the transition into the ownership of […]

Why deals can sometimes fall apart

So, you are selling a website, you received an offer and have entered the due diligence stage. You’re home free now, right? Wrong! We have seen many deals fall apart due to the carelessness and laziness of a seller. One of the main reasons a deal falls apart is the target internet business’ weakening financial […]

Common Types of Owner Financing

As we have stated in some of our recent posts, in today’s day and age, obtaining bank financing for the purchase of an internet business is nearly impossible. With that being said, without an all cash buyer, a seller must offer at least some owner financing. As internet business brokers, there are three common types […]

Knowing Just When to Sell Your Internet Business

While it is easy to state that it is very important to sell your website at the right time, the challenge is determining the right time. We always tell our sell-side clients and prospective clients that the best time to sell their website is not only when the revenues and cash flow are stable, but […]