“We had suffered what many small family-owned businesses suffer: quick growth and poor accounting practices. We weren’t at all sure that we would be able to sell our business. W3Business Advisors worked diligently to help us get our books together and then they marketed our company in such an effective and dynamic way that we started to have second thoughts about selling! Andrew and his colleagues were incredibly responsive, sensitive and professional at all times. They helped us understand the many offers they brought to us and were quick to point out problems with offers, even if it meant that they would not earn as much commission. I never had the feeling that they were solely motivated by their own interests. Instead, they truly wanted an offer for us that would work for our needs. Most of all, they took the time to understand our business and us. They talked with incredible sophistication about our business to potential buyers. The process could not have gone better and I cannot imagine how any company could have done a better job of marketing for us.”