10 Yr. Old eCommerce Eyewear Retailer – 17% Net Profit Margins

Asking Price:$350,000
Yearly Revenue:$671,584
Yearly Income:$104,126


Founded in 2007, this long established and very profitable niche retailer is a one-stop shop for consumers’ eyeglasses & sunglasses.  The company’s business model has been instrumental in allowing for an attractive working capital structure that requires minimal fixed overhead expenses.  While the seller does stock some best sellers, the majority of inventory is mostly procured “just-in-time” and the business only requires approximately 150 sq. ft. to house the inventory with room to pack and ship orders.  The seller has done an excellent job of diversifying suppliers with eight reliable vendors, ensuring there are no supplier concentration risks. Business is continuing to grow this year as Q1 sales were up more than 11% YOY over 2016.

Even with the company’s outstanding 17% net profit margins and with sales and net profits up significantly over the past couple of years, there are still several immediate growth opportunities that give this business substantial potential moving forward.  With a proven track record of consistent cash flow, this highly scalable internet based platform combines the benefits of selling a tangible product with the margins and mobility of an internet-based platform that can be operated from anywhere in the US.  Ultimately, this high quality acquisition opportunity allows for exceptional profit margins and offers a tremendous ROI for a business that is positioned for growth going forward.