Web Development Firm – 100% Recurring Revenue, 52% Net Margins

Asking Price:$315,000
Yearly Revenue:$199,363
Yearly Income:$-------


This unique internet based business is a boutique website building and hosting platform for arts and crafts businesses. Its Drupal-based platform provides a robust set of features – store, blog, image galleries, and more — that cater to those that sell and market creative wares.  Unlike many web development firms that rely heavily on one-time web development projects, this business has established a highly valuable base of recurring revenues with all of the company’s revenues coming from residual hosting income.  Therefore, nearly 100% of annual revenues come in on a largely “automatic” basis as the recurring revenue stream requires minimal owner involvement. The company has an excellent reputation and offers a quality service, which is apparent as nearly all of its revenue comes from repeat customers.


Founded in 2011, this web firm has continued to dominate this specific niche and continues to thrive with impressive YOY growth in 2015.  This business has a substantial footprint within the artist niche (as it relates to web development & hosting services) and its attractive business model allows for a low working capital structure with hardly any fixed overhead expenses.  In addition, the seller outsources nearly all of the web development / coding / design work to several employees and all existing employees are willing to continue working for the new owner post-transition as they can perform their job responsibilities remotely.  As a result, the incoming buyer does NOT need to have any programming / design experience to maintain daily operations, only a general understanding of how websites work. Therefore, this makes an ideal acquisition opportunity for anyone with general business experience and a willingness to learn more. This turn-key business can be operated from any computer with internet access, making it simple to seamlessly relocate to anywhere in the United States. With explosive growth potential, this business represents a high quality acquisition opportunity with a four year proven track of reliable cash flow and highly valuable recurring base of residual hosting revenues.

For more information, please contact Lenny at info@w3businessadvisors.com or 312-291-4495.