W3 Business Advisors Team

W3 Business Advisors is comprised of successful internet entrepreneurs and business professionals with strong backgrounds in finance, accounting and mergers & acquisitions. We speak the language of the internet and our brokers have successfully started, operated and sold numerous online businesses. We thoroughly understand the internet business market and are experts in valuing less tangible assets that generally account for the majority of an online company's value. Our team has the experience needed to guide our clients through the complex process of selling an online business, ensuring we achieve the maximum value for your business. We always represent our client's best interests and our brokers bring value to the process unsurpassed by the competition.
Lenny Farber

Lenny Farber, Managing Partner
Email: LFarber@w3businessadvisors.com

Lenny is a partner with nearly two decades of financial services experience. Prior to joining W3 Business Advisors, Lenny held a number of leadership positions with investment banking firms. In addition, he launched and operated several successful businesses including an online financial newsletter as well as a hedge fund.

His years of experience valuing intricate public companies, combined with his understanding of the Mergers & Acquisitions marketplace, provide him with a well-rounded perspective. Lenny holds a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Stony Brook and an MBA in Finance from New York University's Stern School of Business. He lives in New York with his wife and three children.

Andrew DiMaio

Andrew DiMaio, Founding Partner
Email: ADiMaio@w3businessadvisors.com

Andrew is an ambitious entrepreneur and founding partner of W3 Business Advisors. With a strong background in finance and accounting, he has nearly a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and as a business broker. Prior to founding W3 Business Advisors, Andrew developed, operated and sold several online businesses including social networking and member based websites. In addition, he worked as an analyst for a premier global investment bank where he did extensive work with financial statement analysis, valuations, and underwriting for M&A transactions of small and mid cap companies. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of South Florida and is a licensed Illinois business broker. He lives in downtown Chicago and enjoys playing racquetball and golf when he’s not working.

Charles Parker

Charles Parker, Founding Partner
Email: CParker@w3businessadvisors.com

Charles is a founding partner and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of South Florida. He is an inventive entrepreneur that has created several successful internet businesses including VoIP and social networking websites that have given him invaluable internet business experience. In addition, he worked as an analyst for a global financial services firm assessing financial stability, viability and risk through past, future and comparative performance techniques for some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Charles is a licensed business broker with the State of Illinois and enjoys running and the game of golf when he has time.