Internet SaaS Ordering Business – 70% Net Profit, Runs on Autopilot

Asking Price:$575,000
Yearly Revenue:$241,494
Yearly Income:$-------
Listed By:W3BA


This unique internet business is a custom “software as a service” business where revenue is generated by licensing the software platform as a service to licensees with recurring monthly subscription fees. Founded in 2013, this turnkey business provides a truly hands-off diversified investment. The business model of the company is very simple: The Company provides a competitive, complete and efficient platform for any type of business that wishes to sell their products and or services online. The current owner runs this business with a part-time team and it only requires about 1 hour per week of his time. Run as it currently is, in its autopilot mode, the business is conservatively on track for $207,000 in profits this year, but if the owner worked just 15 hours/week and took over the support responsibilities, the business would net nearly $250,000 this year.

Unlike most businesses that are subject to the overhead costs associated with storing and selling tangible products, this business essentially runs on auto-pilot as their system is fully automated and only requires 1 hour per week of the owner’s time to operate. The company’s attractive business model ensures a low working capital structure with very few fixed overhead expenses which makes it simple to operate this as a home-based business. The 70% average net profit margin (includes 15% of costs related to the part time management team a hands-on owner/operator would increase this to 85% immediately) clearly illustrates the fact that it is extremely efficient and immensely profitable. Ultimately, this turn-key business can be operated from anywhere in the world and the “auto-pilot” structure of their attractive business model makes this a high quality acquisition opportunity with plenty of upside potential for overall ROI.

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