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W3 Business Advisors is a national merger and acquisition firm that deals exclusively with internet-based companies. With offices in both Chicago and New York, our firm has a national presence and is the trusted advisor in the internet business marketplace.

Unlike traditional business brokers, who represent a diverse variety of brick-and-mortar businesses, our internet business brokers have the industry specific insight needed to successfully market your internet business, negotiate with qualified buyers and ultimately sell your website at or above market value.

When determining the best listing strategy for your business, it is crucial that you choose to work with brokers who have M&A experience with internet-based companies and can guide you every step of the way. Understanding the internet business market is the key to accurate website valuations, effective marketing and successful negotiations for any internet-based company.

Our experienced business advisors consider all aspects when determining your company’s true value including the less tangible assets, such as organic traffic rankings, business models, website infrastructure, past / current financial performance, proprietary software code and supplier relationships. By focusing on your company’s most attractive selling points, we take all necessary steps to deliver competitive offers that subsequently lead to a successful transaction.

Our industry knowledge allows us to guide our clients through the complex process of selling an online business which most business owners have little to no experience with. We handle everything; beginning with understanding your business goals, determining an appropriate market value for your company, negotiating with qualified buyers and preparing a deal structure that works for both parties. Our M&A services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client and to ultimately ensure that both the buyer and t he seller have a positive and successful experience. We apply our understanding of industry and market forces and deliver results to our clients.

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Mark D.

If you have been searching for someone to sell your business, I strongly recommend you hire W3 Business Advisors & Lenny Farber. Lenny has two qualities that are rare:  his remarkably calm and soothing presence when dealing with sensitive issues and his trustworthiness.   It may seem like hyperbole, but I feel I was so fortunate […]

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